NewsJuly 15, 2021

Environmental Mindfulness at Villa Resorts

Villa Hotels and Resorts, the leading resort collection in the Maldives, recognize the collective responsibility to promote harmony with nature and to focus on environmental protection and ocean preservation. Villa Hotels and Resorts prioritise environmental sustainability and caring for the natural environment. Believe in the power of change and raising awareness for future generations.

As part of a continuous pledge to help protect the natural environment, Villa Hotels collection of Maldives resorts donate plastic for recycling in partnership with Parley for the Oceans – an organization addressing major threats towards oceans and fighting for environmental protection through recycling initiatives and global projects.


In addition, Villa Resorts have introduced reusable glass bottles throughout the resorts and on drive excursions in a development strategy to eliminate plastic completely from the islands. DiveOceanus dive centre at Royal Island Resort & Spa is Villa Hotels first 95% paperless dive centre with all training material, administration forms and material provided to guests digitally. Paradise Island Resort & Spa and Sun Island have since followed suit and run efficiently paperless in the both dive centres.

In an effort to preserve the natural beauty and thriving eco systems of the Maldives, Villa Resorts regularly holds ocean and beach clean ups, with one major sandbank clean up planned later this month at a sandbank located nearby to Royal Island Resort & Spa. The resort team along with guests that wish to get involved will join together to remove plastic and debris from the secluded island and the surrounding lagoon. An opportunity to reconnect with nature and to encourage young ocean activists to make a difference and take care of the fragile environment which we call home.

Villa Hotels and Resorts also joined the worldwide movement for the protection of the ocean by supporting the 30×30 nature petition to help protect 30% of the planets land and ocean by 2030. They encourage readers around the world to sign the petition to call on world leaders to protect our planet and our future. Click here to make a difference.