NewsJune 2, 2020

Etihad Introduces New ‘Wellness Ambassadors’

Etihad Airways has introduced ‘Wellness Ambassadors’ as part of its expanded health and hygiene programme in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the airline, once the travel restrictions to and from UAE are lifted, the specially trained ambassadors will be starting work at Etihad flights and Abu Dhabi international airport to help passengers throughout the journey.


Wellness ambassadors will provide essential travel health information and care to passengers in the airport terminal and inflight. This is to reassure passengers safety and wellbeing during their journey with the airline.

The introduction of wellness Ambassadors is a part of ‘Etihad Wellness’ programme. As part of Etihad Wellness, the airline has produced an online guide, highlighting the cleanliness, health and hygiene measures being applied at every stage of the customer journey. The programme is designed to provide information on all the areas of flight operations.

Moreover, the airline has launched multiple online platforms to keep customers updated on the Etihad Wellness program. Wellness Ambassadors also can be contacted directly 24/7 to offer reassurance to customers by sharing advice on travel wellbeing and necessary health information.