NewsMay 18, 2019

Extremely Holistic Experiences by Soundscape and Uber Events

Looking for the ultimate experience with a holistic surreal environment in your party? Want to make sure that the guests are having their best time? Choose Soundscape and Uber Events to deliver an unforgettable night for your audience.

Uber Events


Founded and guided by DJ Umar and DJ Vifak with over 20 years of experience, Uber Events provides hassle-free event and DJ management services which are second to none. Among the DJ pool are some of the best and upcoming open format DJ’s who can create distinctive sound ranging from sunset to club mix.

Photo : Soundscape


Equipped with the world’s most prominent sound and lighting brands and vast selection of entertainment, Uber Events is the epitome of creative makings. Their latest novelty: The Silent Party is a revolution in entertainment and is one of the coolest ways to enjoy three DJ’s and three types of music with a flick of a switch. The headphones are wireless and transform a silent environment to a dance floor.


A trailing thought at a café blaring EDM at 9am turned into an idea that changed the game. The creative minds at Soundscape have created the first one-stop sound solution in the Maldives. This music consultancy service gives your brand its own distinct background music. The system boasts bespoke playlists crafted by seasoned curators. Rest assured knowing these experts will deliver fresh music that reflects your signature and unique atmosphere. With clients such as the likes of Kandima Maldives, Coco Chic and Seagull Café under their wing, Soundscape strives to help your brand stand out.