NewsNovember 18, 2021

“Fehi Kuramaa” Waste Management Program Launched by Velaa Resort to Noonu Atoll

General Manager of Velaa Resort Wayne Milgate launched a waste management program during a ceremony which was held in Noonu Velidhoo. The program goes by the name “Fehi Kuramaa” which means “Let’s make it Green”. Noonu Atoll Council President and presidents from the administrative islands of Noonu Atoll attended this ceremony.

The aim of this program is to raise awareness amongst students and the local citizens of the island on sustainable waste management. This program also falls under Velaa Island Resorts corporate social responsibility.  More programs will be held in 13 administrative islands throughout November. All sessions under this program will be carried out by experts in waste management.


At the event held, Milgate stated that tourism is one of the main parts of the Maldivian economy and that efforts must be made to prevent the loss of the beauty of the country. Waste management is important in all islands of Maldives to achieve this goal, he said.

Velidhoo Council President Athif Hussain said waste management is essential for the whole country, especially Velidhoo and that it is important to create awareness among children from an early age on waste management.

Two awareness sessions were held on Monday for children and adults at Noonu Atoll Education Centre. More than 400 schoolchildren and adults attended both sessions.

Information on three R’s of waste management (Reduce, reuse, recycle) was shared during these sessions. In addition to highlighting the importance of recycling, they also discussed separating and using the waste in different ways.