NewsFebruary 1, 2022

First Boutique Hotel in Laamu ‘Reveries Maldives’ Celebrates 10 Years!

In 2012 Reveries Maldives proudly opened its doors as Laamu’s first Boutique Hotel, in the heart of the Atoll, Gan Island, the longest island in the country, at the northern end of the Thundi village.

“Today, Reveries Maldives celebrating 10 years of its’ bright journey and it is about our employees, customers, and partners – people who made hotel’s success possible. I am very grateful to all employees for their dedication and patience, for delivering quality to all our guests and for making Reveries Maldives a joint family”, says General Manager, Mr. Abbas Ibrahim


Reveries Maldives is being recognized in the market as a leading Boutique Hotel of its kind, which drives its business through knowledge and expertise.

The Reveries Maldives have gone from strength to strength, combining vibrant island culture and stunning natural environment with comfort and luxury for guests who wish to sample all the Maldives has to offer. Stunning Boutique Hotel invites the world to experience the culture and beauty of Dhivehi Island society, local cuisine, aquatic experiences, an unforgettable memory while spreading the economic benefit of tourism to small island communities.

Reveries Maldives’ progress is rewarding; we are very excited to maintain this trajectory and truly believe that our passion will help us build on the solid business we’ve laid with commitment, respect, and a sustainable approach, during the last 10 years.

Reveries Maldives team is grateful to all who have supported the entire group on its way to success and is very proud of what has been achieved until now. Happy 10th anniversary to all!