NewsDecember 10, 2020

“Flag Girl” Visits Maldives as Her 144th Country

Najmun Nahar, a “Flag girl” who is globetrotting with the Bangladeshi flag has arrived to Maldives as the 144th stop in her journey.

Najmun who has achieved her place in the word record is seeking to inspire and uplift women and children- a task she is certainly capable of with her courage and sense of oneness which she strongly embodies.


For her ongoing efforts, she has received numerous recognition and accolades. She is a recipient of the “Peace Torch Bearer Award”, the “Successful Women Award”, as well as the “Red Crescent Motivational Award.”

She is planning on establishing an “Inspiration Global Platform”, a platform through which she wishes to connect the youth across the world.

Najmun received a warm welcome upon arrival to Maldives by the Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC).

“We wish her a memorable experience in Maldives, and all the best in her journey ahead,” a statement by the Ministry of Tourism read.