NewsFebruary 6, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about the TTM Awards 2022

Travel Trade Maldives (TTM) expands their award categories and introduced 15 new awards to reward and celebrate the excellence in the travel and tourism hospitality industry of the Maldives. Previously, TTM Awards were only given to top producers for the Maldives tourism industry which were handed over during the TTM Awards & Gala night.

Who can apply for the TTM awards?

All the TTM partners will be eligible to apply for the TTM awards 2022.


When is the due date for the TTM awards?

The due date for application is 15th March 2022.

How many categories can each resort apply for?

Each resort will be able to apply for a maximum category of 3 if they fit the criteria.

How to apply for the awards?

Resorts can apply through the award registration link Travel Trade Maldives – Awards Registration and submit all the necessary documents and information.

What is the selection procedure for the winning resort?

Award winners will be selected through a voting process. The voting process will consist of 25% votes from the TTM editorial team, 25% vote taken from expert panel and 50% vote taken from the public for all the categories except for the top producer’s award. Top producers award winners will consist of 100% vote from travel trade professionals from hotels and resorts.

Travel Trade Maldives is re-branding this years award and will be revealing the new design for TTM Awards 2022. This years TTM Maldives 2022 is scheduled to be held on 23rd to 25th August 2022.

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