NewsJune 4, 2024

FTI Touristik GmbH Files for Insolvency

FTI Touristik GmbH, the parent company of the FTI GROUP and the third-largest tour operator in Europe, filed for insolvency proceedings at the Munich Local Court on Monday, 3 June 2024. Initially, the insolvency will directly affect only the tour operator brand FTI Touristik, but corresponding applications will be filed for other group companies subsequently. Notably, Windrose Finest Travel GmbH, which operates the luxury brand WINDROSE, will continue its business operations.

This development follows a complex investor process that culminated in the announcement of a consortium of investors entering the scene in April 2024. Despite this positive development, booking figures have significantly underperformed expectations. Moreover, numerous suppliers have demanded advance payments, creating an increased need for liquidity that the company could not bridge until the completion of the investor process. Consequently, filing for insolvency has become legally unavoidable.


The insolvency of FTI Touristik GmbH is expected to have significant repercussions for tourism in the Maldives. As one of the major tour operators facilitating travel to the Maldives, disruptions in FTI’s operations could lead to a decline in tourist arrivals. This situation underscores the interconnected nature of global travel networks and the potential vulnerability of destinations reliant on major tour operators. 

Efforts are currently underway to ensure that trips already in progress can be completed as planned. However, trips that have not yet commenced will likely be impacted starting Tuesday, 4 June 2024. A concept for ongoing communication with affected travelers and the operational implementation of necessary measures will be developed in the coming days in cooperation with the provisional insolvency administrator.