NewsJanuary 5, 2020

Furaveri Maldives reinvents with new villas and ‘Wellness Village’

Furaveri Island Resort and Spa is reinventing itself in this year. All set to launch with 33 newly built villas and additional upgrades, the resort is re-branding into a four-star deluxe property to be known as Furaveri Maldives.

In giving new life to the Furaveri experience, the resort found inspiration by listening to the inherent beauty of the island and its culture. Staying true to core values such as making the best of what they have, they tuned in to the simple beauty of the surroundings and followed their hearts with nature as a guide.


Visually, for this renewal, the resort invoked the color teal of where the open ocean meets the lagoon and the warm sunset yellow of memorable evenings by the beach. The white herons throughout the island, the vibrant screwpine trees, the frequent turtles in the resort’s reef and the gentle mantas that visit them, are all paid homage to in its new brand identity.

In addition to being already recognized for its lush marine ecosystems, Furaveri is also set to home the first Wellness Village in the Maldives. This local village concept hosts a peaceful sanctuary in itself, complete with facilities adopting ancient healing practices to immerse guests in lasting holistic experiences.

Furaveri Maldives released a statement stating, “Our hearts are colored with gratitude and excitement as we invite you to join us in envisioning what it means to capture the best of authentic Maldivian hospitality.”