NewsJune 14, 2022

Fushifaru Honors World Ocean Day by Cleaning Up 300kg of Plastic

Fushifaru Maldives celebrated World Ocean Day 2022 by organising a huge clean-up event at a nearby uninhabited island, to protect and restore our planet.

In partnership with Parley and Best Dives Maldives, Fushifaru invited guests to join their ecological excursion and clean up approximately 300 kilograms of plastic waste from the uninhabited island, this is equivalent to 3 Jumbo Parley bags and 30 smaller bags.


It was an incredible achievement to clean up such a quantity of plastic from the island. The guests as well as the staff felt extremely rewarded and content with their efforts to help the planet. It was a fantastic way to bring people together to honour and respect the ocean.

Fushifaru is known for its outstanding eco-friendly and green initiatives. In fact, Fushifaru was recently awarded the prestigious Green Globe Certification for its notable sustainability efforts. Additionally, in collaboration with Best Dives, Fushifaru has initiated and developed a coral propagation project to assist the rejuvenation of the coral reefs around the island, which is vital to sustaining biodiversity.

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