NewsJuly 22, 2019

GoAir launches new flights from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi

India’s GoAir launches first flights between Delhi, India’s capital and Mumbai, the financial capital of the world’s largest economy to Abu Dhabi.

The launch comes as Indian subcontinent remains one of the most popular destinations for travelers departing from Abu Dhabi.


Flights have been launched first between Delhi International Airport and Abu Dhabi, and the second to Mumbai International Airport and Abu Dhabi. The inauguration of the two new daily flights was warmly welcomed by Abu Dhabi Airport.

Chief Commercial Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, Maarten De Groof stated that GoAir is one their most promising new partners and that they are pleased to welcome the new daily flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Abu Dhabi.

He further highlighted that India is one of the largest and most important areas of operation for the airport and new daily flights to Abu Dhabi reflect the Capital’s status as a key destination and a transit hub for business and leisure.

Mr. Jeh Wadia, Managing Director of GoAir, said: “Our daily flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Abu Dhabi is a manifestation of GoAir’s vision for the Middle East. In less than six months, we have introduced a new set of routes that supports business and leisure and reinforces the strong relations between India and the UAE.

With its 50 Airbus A320 aircraft, GoAir offers more than 270 daily flights and about 1,600 weekly flights across domestic and international destinations.