NewsJuly 7, 2019

Google increasing its foothold with Google Travel

Google launched a Google Travel desktop website that puts flights, hotels and vacation packages, as well as a variety of trip-planning tools and recommendations, all on one page.

The features are also available in Google Search and Google Maps.


In a blog post written by Richard Holden, Google vice president product management, travel, Google said it made it easier to navigate between Google Flights, Google Hotels, and Google Trips last year. The company also claimed that the desktop treatment is similar to what it did on mobile.

The new treatment for Google Travel’s offerings comes with new trip-planning features, including the ability to view their upcoming flights and hotel stays, if they are Gmail users and to edit their itineraries, and manually add new reservations.

Google Travel also now enables users to start planning in Google Maps or Google search, and “to pick up where they left off when planning.”

With this upgrade, May 14, 2019, is now an important date that signifies another big step toward Google’s dominance in travel.