NewsDecember 11, 2019

Maldives – the most searched destination in Google during 2019

People turn to Google for all the answers and Google has unveiled its 2019 Year In Search, a look at the top trending searches of the year where the Maldives has been crowned as the most searched destinations in the US.

The list includes everything from news and entertainment to the classic, “What is…” query.


The Maldives is awarded the top destination in the following search by Google:

Trip to…
1. Trip to Maldives
2. Trip to Japan
3. Trip to Bora Bora
4. Trip to Vegas
5. Trip to Mexico
6. Trip to Alaska
7. Trip to New Orleans
8. Trip to California
9. Trip to New York
10. Trip to Costa Rica

With the 1.5 millionth arrival record on November 24th, over 1.5 million tourists have been recorded this year.