NewsOctober 5, 2023

Hard Rock Cafe Maldives Celebrates World Tourism Day 2023 with Industry Partners

Each year, the world comes together to celebrate World Tourism Day on 28th September, a day dedicated to recognising the significant impact of tourism globally. In the Maldives, tourism serves as the cornerstone of the nation’s pillar, delivering steadfast support to the local community while fortifying the country’s resilient tourism-driven economy. It comes as no surprise that the Maldives has solidified its position as one of the most sought-after and top destinations in the world, upheld by its thriving tourism sector.

In a remarkable initiative, in collaboration with Hard Rock International, the legendary Hard Rock Cafe Maldives hosted an exclusive evening of networking to mark the occasion of World Tourism Day. This gathering served as an opportunity to strengthen relationships between Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and hospitality partners whilst reiterating the hotel’s commitment to collaborative efforts that significantly contribute to the local community, promote environmental sustainability and showcase the vibrant cultural diversity that makes the destination truly unique.


The event commenced with an opening address delivered by Mr Stefano Ruzza, the Senior Vice President of Operations at S Hotels & Resorts PLC, representing their Corporate Office in Bangkok, expressing his heartfelt appreciation to the valued partners who have been of great support throughout the remarkable journey of Hard Rock Cafe Maldives, as well as Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.

Subsequently, Mr. Abdulla Mufeed, the Resort Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives took the stage to share the exciting development of sustainability initiatives at the hotel. A standout among these initiatives was the launching of “The Wet Bag”, a brilliant eco-friendly initiative that showcases innovation and environmental responsibility. These eco-friendly bags, crafted from recycled fabrics from retired umbrellas offer a perfect solution for their guests looking to store their damp swimsuits and towels after indulging in the pool or beach experiences offered at the hotel.

The event continued with the eagerly awaited revelation of upcoming events at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. These include the annual Pinktober campaign in October, a noble initiative by the hotel to raise funds for charitable causes and the highly awaited Pink Festive program, adding another layer of excitement to the evening. In keeping with its tradition, the Team at Hard Rock Hotel eagerly anticipates the return of Pink Festive celebrations for the fifth consecutive year. This iconic event will be infused with new and electrifying festivities, uplifting its already renowned reputation.

As the evening drew to a close, attendees relished a delightful networking dinner session, providing an invaluable opportunity for the hotel team and their valued partners to engage in meaningful conversations regarding future strategic plans and other prospects for more business collaboration, ensuring the ongoing success of their mutually beneficial partnership.

“On behalf of S Hotels & Resorts, it is truly heart-warming to witness the commitment to sustainability displayed by our Maldives properties. This year’s theme of “Green Investment” reflects the core values of S Hotels & Resorts. Sustainability is at the heart of our business ethos and we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint whilst promoting eco-conscious initiatives in all our properties worldwide.

During my stay in this beautiful paradise, I had the privilege of attending various eco-conscious initiatives at Crossroads Maldives. Among the many highlights of my visit, one that left an indelible mark was witnessing the artistic talents of the students at Gulhi School. Their beautiful creations, showcased here today at Hard Rock Cafe reaffirm our joint pledge with Hard Rock International to ‘Save the Planet’.

Together with Hard Rock International, our mission extends beyond offering exceptional hospitality, it includes supporting and uplifting the local communities we touch. Lastly, our commitment to sustainable practices and green investments is unwavering and we look forward to continuing this journey.” – says Stefano Ruzza, Senior Vice President of Operations at S Hotels & Resorts PLC