NewsMarch 17, 2020

Help Save Tourism; Don’t Cancel, Change Travel Dates

The shutdown of airlines, border control measures and travel bans put into place have led the travel industry throughout the globe in havoc.

The worst hit countries include China and Italy, the top markets for the Maldives tourism industry. This has brought about the worst impact in the history of Maldives tourism.


Throughout the nation, over 600 guesthouses are shutdown temporarily and safaris have also been banned due to the ongoing pandemic.

The government of Maldives have imposed travel bans from China, Italy, UK, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran, parts of South Korea, Spain, and certain regions of Germany and France in efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

This have led to thousands of cancellations in the industry.

Travel trade community is now pleading the holidaymakers not to cancel but to change the dates.

Maldives, an island nation highly dependent on tourism needs the support from its visitors throughout the globe to combat the loss industry is facing.

So please do not cancel, change the dates and come see the paradise destination later!