Featured NewsMarch 16, 2020

Heritance Aarah: A Splurge Worthy All-Inclusive Maldivian Escape

Staying in an overwater ocean villa or beach villa is definitely considered a highlight for resort vacations. With first class services and exquisite dining options, everything in an all inclusive luxury offering, Heritance Aarah offers a truly Maldivian escape, in style!


One of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives, the resort consists of wooden water villas. With simple yet sophisticated interiors, the villas come with a neutral palette of whites and creams which blend well with the tropical destination.

The rooms are designed in a way where guests will get to enjoy the natural surrounding beauty whether it is the view of clear turquoise waters or the amazing sunsets by the sea.

One highlight of Heritance Aarah is the availability of gourmet cuisines offered at a stretch of not just one, but six restaurants (five of which are included in the all inclusive package). Ralu and Ranba opened from 7am to 10pm offers the option to dine in buffet or enjoy simple snacks like sandwiches and burgers to various Italian dishes.



Dinner is best served at either Ginifati; for seafood lovers, Ambula; to enjoy some contemporary spices and flavors from Sri Lankan cuisine, or at the Hathaa restaurant for a distinctive culinary journey of either to the streets of Bangkok, Maldives, Tokyo, Istanbul or Mumbai city.


Baani restaurant offers a truly Mediterranean feel in a café culture style. Guests get the opportunity to taste authentic Middle Eastern and international cuisine throughout the day from 7am to 10pm.

Remote and isolated from the busy everyday life, the island is also home to one of the best snorkeling and diving sites in the archipelago. Guests are offered the opportunity to go under the sea to have their breath taken away by colorful coral and marine life, ride the waves or to bring out the daring side and go fly boarding like a superman above water.

Life is too short not to splurge, so why not do it at Heritance Aarah?