NewsApril 10, 2019

Hollywood In The Maldives: Maldivian Island Turns On The ‘Tree Of Light’

Emulating the Oscar awarded movie, “The Great Beauty”, the art piece, ‘Tree of Light’, which has been designed by Tomaso Schiaffino, Bellaria Design Art Director, will be installed in Cocoon Maldives resort.

Daniele Lago & Alessandro Azzola


This artwork will be the perfect complement with Cocoon’s naturalistic and breathtaking scenery, as part of an innovation that has been suggested by Alessandro Azzola, the Managing Director of Cocoon Maldives, the very first and only design hotel in the Maldives.

The resort has been furnished in a tasteful contemporary Italian style by leading design company, Lago. The project is inspired by Tomaso Schiaffino, Art Director of Bellaria Design, an individual who focuses on innovation and unique design.

‘Tree of Light’ is made up of real lighting installations that took 2 years to design due to its sophistication. Each model requires 85 custom parts and the latest-gen LEDs. The result is a beautiful and simple structure which had been built to impress.

In his interview, Mr. Azzola audacious remarks “I was stunned by the creativity, simple and yet sophisticated. Hence I immediately envision that it would be a perfect addition to complement Cocoon Maldives and will become one of the Iconic unmissable tourist’s attractions”.

“I was extremely delighted with the idea to exhibit my creation in one of the exquisite resorts in the Indian Ocean, particularly in Cocoon. And I believe it would be absolutely magnificent” Tomaso Schiaffino, exclaimed.

The ‘Tree of Light’ does not only serve as a testament to a great work of art but it also exhibits a wonderful showcase in the Indian ocean, specifically at Cocoon Maldives.

These artworks have been actually exhibited in the iconic nighttime scenes of the Oscar awarded movie “The Great Beauty” which was directed in Rome by the Italian Director Paolo Sorrentino.