NewsMarch 25, 2020

Hulhule Island Hotel to be Converted into an Isolation Facility

Hulhule Island Hotel, which is currently being used as a quarantine facility during the COVID-19 pandemic, will now be converted into an isolation facility.

During the press conference, government spokesperson for COVID-19 Mohamed Mabrook Azeez announced that the people kept in Hulhule Island Hotel is now being transferred to nearby designated quarantine facilities in order to change the hotel into an isolation facility.


Mabrook said that a total of 173 people were kept under quarantine in the HIH facility and that these individuals will be transferred to the nearby resorts which is being used as a quarantine facility.

He added that the government aims to keep individuals who are receiving treats for long-term sickness, elders and children in resorts close to the capital in case of emergencies.

Hulhule Island Hotel, located on the International airport island , is a modern and exotic hotel catering to the diversified needs of guests.

Opened 18 years ago, the 5-star HIH has a capacity of 136 rooms.