NewsJanuary 25, 2024

Hummingbird Travel Hosts First-Ever GM Appreciation Event in the Maldives

Hummingbird Travel held the inaugural General Managers Appreciation event in the Maldives on Monday.

More than 50 General Managers from renowned resorts gathered at Riveli, an upscale boutique-style beach club, to partake in the occasion.


Hummingbird CEO Tom Chambers, a Maldives resident since the age of 10, delivered a compelling presentation. Chambers, whose family pioneered air transfers in the Maldives 36 years ago, outlined the company’s strategic vision for the upcoming year. He underlined the heightened significance of hotel partnerships and how they could be pivotal amidst the challenges posed by the influx of new resort openings.

Acknowledging the dedicated contributions of key individuals, Chambers expressed gratitude to Airport Manager Ahmed Zahir, a former member of Hummingbird Helicopter’s cabin crew, and Rizwan Moosa, marking his 17th year with the company.

Taking the spotlight, Hummingbird’s Maldivian Chief Technology Officer, Abdulla Kaleem, outlined the technological trajectory and upcoming cutting-edge products slated for release in the coming year.

Head of Contracts & Systems, Abdulla Zahir, provided insightful and amusing perspectives on the speed to market of promotions, the evolving dynamics of technology in supplier interactions, and the advantages to be gained from these changes. Zahir also highlighted his pride in being part of a distinctly Maldivian company, boasting the largest number of Maldivian staff among travel companies in the country.

Summing up the day, Commercial Director Iva Acrabova extended heartfelt thanks on behalf of the company. Acrabova highlighted that Hummingbird thrives not only on financial success but equally on a spirit of enjoyment and camaraderie, which is evident in the friendships fostered during the event.