NewsApril 24, 2019

IATA Training to Be Conducted By Coral Academy

The Coral Academy of the Maldives was granted a permit to carry out the International Air Transport Association (IATA) training programmes in the Maldives. According to the Marketing and PR Manager of Coral Academy, Ms. Zaushan Nazeer, this is the first time that an aviation training company in the Maldives was granted such permission to carry out IATA approved training programmes.

International Air Transport Association is a world-class airline trade association, operating in 117 different countries with about 280 airlines operating through it. With roughly 82% of world air traffic seat miles being accounted for by this association, a Maldivian aviation training company receiving approval to conduct their training in the Maldives is a huge step forward for Coral Academy as well as the Maldivian airline industry.


Through Coral Academy, IATA approved cabin crew training and IATA approved marketing training are now publicly available. While both courses are priced at an average MVR 10,600 and are 10-day programmes. The cabin crew training is to be held during the month of June, and the IATA training for marketing will be held in July according to Coral Academy.

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