NewsJune 9, 2020

IATA’s Interactive Map Tells You Which Countries You Can Travel To

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has created an Interactive (COVID-19) Travel Regulations Map, maintaining an up-to-date, authoritative resource that travelers can reference to check which worldwide destinations are opening up to receive visitors again, and to what degree.

In the current world, knowing which countries will – and will not – have you is kind of a big deal. The uncertainty has spooked travelers as countries changed the rules overnight throwing chaos into the movement of people. However the situation has begun to normalize, with more people welcomed back around the world by the day.


Every country on IATA’s interactive map is color-coded to provide an easy, visual reference for understanding the relative strictness of its current travel regulations. Each nation falls into one of four broader categories: ‘Totally Restrictive’, ‘Partially Restrictive’, ‘No regulations related to COVID-19 implemented’ and ‘Latest updates currently under review’.

Users can simply click on a country to view detailed information about its current restrictions, including air-travel status, quarantine policies, eligibility parameters, exemptions and applicable documentation requirements.

Timatic, the software which powers the Interactive COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map, is an IATA tech solution that’s already heavily relied upon by airlines and other aviation partners, as well as travel agents, to securely manage the passenger document verification process—in essence, to verify whether prospective travelers fulfill the requirements needed to enter each particular destination.

The consolidation of the latest data for each destination and its application in Timatic is achieved through IATA’s partnership with airlines and close bilateral relations with government agencies worldwide.

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