NewsJanuary 30, 2022

Ibrahim Shifaan: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts “Experience the Grandest of Feelings” Campaign Winner

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has launched the brand campaign “Experience the Grandest of Feelings” and part of the campaign roll-out is to encourage all employees of Fairmont Hotels worldwide to participate in the Create the Grandest of Feelings! Competition.  All team members were encourage to submit their participation which captures how they’ve created the grandest experience for colleagues and/or guests.

Out of hundreds of submissions received, Fairmont Maldives was very proud to share that their very own IBRAHIM SHIFAAN was declared the Guest-Facing Grand Winner for the competition.  He shares the limelight with Gerry Garnida from Fairmont Jakarta who was chosen the Heartist-Facing/ Back-of-the-House Winner.go


Born and raised on an island neighboring Fairmont Maldives, “Shifaan” spent his childhood exploring the local marine environment, snorkeling, free diving, and fishing. (His father and three brothers are all fishermen.) His passion for the ocean led to his nickname “Moodu Meeha”, meaning “Ocean Man” in the local Dhivehi language and a five-year tenure with the Marine Corps of the Maldives National Defense Force. He started his career at Fairmont Maldives with the security team, but his zeal for marine life brought him to assist the resort’s marine biology department. His commitment paved his path to a permanent role as the resort’s marine biologist.

In his role, he inspires guests and Heartists with his passion for the ocean and conservation. General Manager Andrew Steele remarked, “He is the epitome of his name to be so completely in tune with the environment, with the ocean and everything that lives within it. To have the opportunity to free dive with him, spend time in the water with him and see his interaction with the ecosystem and all of the species that live in it is truly remarkable to see this local island lad become a special forces specialist with the understanding that his future lay only high within the scope of security. To then have the opportunity through our environmental and sustainability programs to live and share all his knowledge and passion is incredibly enriching. On top of all of this he is such a humble, kind and a true representation of that Maldivian island personality that makes the Maldives so special. His role is to share his passion knowledge and experience not only with our guests but also with our local school outreach programs. It is his role as a Maldivian to be the inspiration for the next generation to understand that there is an employment opportunity in environmental conservation as well as sustainability. He is our ambassador for the future of the Maldives.”

As Fairmont Maldives expands its marine conservation initiatives to the neighboring islands, Shifaan will introduce the resort’s Turtles Rangers Program and other marine educational activities and workshops into the local island communities. Additionally, Shifaan started the initiative of filming each guided snorkeling trip with guests and Heartists (employees) so they have lasting souvenirs of their beautiful experiences.