NewsNovember 21, 2020

India Becomes Second Top Market to Maldives After Reopened Borders

India has become the second top market to Maldives after borders reopened on 15th July.

Statistics of Ministry of Tourism show that from 15th July till 19th November, Maldives witnessed the largest number of tourist arrivals from Russia. With a market share of 21.9, over 12,961 Russian tourist arrivals have been marked to Maldives. India holds the title of the second top market to Maldives with a market share of 9.2 and over 5,449 tourist arrivals.


Maldives has also witnessed multiple Bollywood celebrity visits to the island nation in the last few months.

To provide more convenient travel options to visitors from India, Maldives and India has formed a ‘travel bubble’ with its airlines; Indigo, Air India, Go Air and Spice Jet. In adherence with the travel bubble, Indigo’s 92 flights to Maldives has carried over 4,789 tourists to Maldives, while Air India’s 24 flights’ has carried over 1,209 tourists to the country.

Maldives’ national tourism office, Visit Maldives has been continuously conducting marketing projects to attract more visitors from India. Visit Maldives has recently kicked off a major global campaign to 10 key markets including India, UK, Russia, Middle East, France, German speaking markets, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, Italy, Hong Kong & APAC. The ultimate aim of this one month campaign, which will take place during November and December, is to promote Maldives as one of the most preferred tourist destinations to a greater audience across various global platforms, whilst making top headlines across these markets.

Tourism Ministry Statistics reveal that Maldives has seen over 59,105 tourist arrivals since Maldives borders reopened. The total number of tourist arrivals has reached to 382,760 for this year. In March, the daily tourist arrivals for Maldives were at 4,206 prior to borders being closed. Currently, over 1,991 tourists are marked on a daily basis. From 1st to 18th November, over 18,723 tourists arrivals have have been witnessed by the island nation.

Most numbers of tourists have been carried over to Maldives by the Emirates. Over 19,740 visitors have arrived to Maldives from this airline. Qatar Airways has had the most scheduled flights to Maldives so far with 246 flights.