NewsOctober 25, 2018

India’s TripXOXO Eases the Art of DIY Travel

TripXOXO is a booking platform for activities, experiences, and things to do. According to Travel Daily Media, TripXOXO is one of the largest aggregators in India for tours and activities. Now experiential traveling is the new age of travel and the tourism industry is embracing the trend too.

With a steady rise in millennial travelers who choose to design their own trips, TripXOXO aims to fill the gap and provides experiences across 300 categories in 600+ cities in India. Their products are available in multiple currencies, with payment facilities across all formats with a local and global help desk.


While there are global and local giants taking the mindshare of Indian customers for airline ticketing and hotel bookings, there is a vacuum for experiences. Based on her research Heena co-founded TripXOXO with an aim to provide unique experiences to travelers around the world under one roof, she said.

The experiences are curated via API and direct partners. Our website also offers some exclusive experiences like adventure theme parks Imagica, Universal Studios-Singapore, Universal Studios-Japan and thrilling experiences like Bungee Jumping at the world’s tallest Bungee jump bridge in South Africa, Hot Air Ballooning around the globe, trekking, Camping, Segway Tours, Madame Tussauds- Delhi, Mumbai Darshan with Ola and many more.

Does TripXOXO work directly with vendors or do they work with third-party agents?

At TripXOXO we study a market and approach it accordingly. Our platform provides experiences across 300 categories in 600 + cities where we work with both vendors and agents.

Which are the best-performing markets for experiences? Any bestsellers?

As per our internal data and research team, the top performing markets are Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Delhi. Experiences like IMG Dubai, Universal Studios, Singapore My Pass, Disney Land Tokyo, Imagica, Esselworld, Waterkingdom, Madame Tussauds – Delhi are very popular among travelers.

Do you have any incentives for bulk bookings or bookings by agents?

Yes, at TripXOXO we try and give back to our customers as much as we can. Our aim has always been to provide quality experiences at the best prices.

What’s the unique selling proposition of TripXOXO?

With a steady rise in millennial travelers who choose to design their own trips, TripXOXO fills the gap and provides curated experiences across categories. Travelers can book experiences in real time and we provide customers with online and offline customer services.