NewsSeptember 29, 2019

Innahura Celebrated Its First Clean Up The World Day

On 20th September 2019, Innahura joined the global Clean up the World initiative – an annual event, run across the world already since 1993, that aims at encouraging communities to get more involved in helping to look after their local environments.

More than 60 guests and team members took part in the event, which was Innahura Maldives’ first Clean up the World; some collected garbage on an uninhabited Island and while others were collecting during diving and snorkelling. 53 bags amounting to over 220kg were collected.


This was not a one-off eco-event – Innahura continues to do its best to keep Innahura and its surroundings clean with regular clean-ups as well as other important sustainability endeavours: solar huts that generate hot water for all the rooms, an in-house desalination and water bottling plant, minimising the use of plastics, ocean-friendly bathroom amenities, sustainable diving and snorkelling practices and supporting local communities.

The resort wrapped up the day with a pleasant get-together to exchange views on what else we can do to help preserve the Maldives’ fragile environment and with a toast to making a difference.