NewsJune 20, 2021

Is Amilla’s Burger, Maldives Most Ethical Burger?

Baa Atoll Resort offers guests a “better” burger choice while retaining the comfort food status. Hot on the heels of announcing the resorts ground breaking “Wellness Your Way” program that offers guest the effortless ability to follow their own path to wellness through menus tailored to different eating lifestyles and announcing their switch to ethically sourced, hormone and antibiotic free meat supplies the 5-star resort, Amilla Resort and Residences has curated what could be the Maldives Most Ethical Burger.

The burger fits those guests following a low carb and gluten free lifestyle through its bespoke almond flaxseed roll. These rolls are made using organic ground almond, psyllium husk, flaxseed and apple cider vinegar, making for an alkaline and grain free base. It is then swathed in homemade at Amilla banana ketchup made from organic bananas and coconut sugar grown onsite.


A beef patty made from Cape Grim beef, grass fed yet fat marbled and coming from cows breathing the cleanest air in the world and from a farm that practises carbon neutral farming. To add to the flavour there is Dinglely Dell bacon from the UK, farmed especially sustainably with 33.2 hectares of their land planted in wild floewrs for bees.

Lush home grown at Amilla”kulha fila fai” or Maldivian rocket, a rich source of vitamins and inulin, is paired with melted grass fed cheese.

The final touch is a fried egg, all the way from the end of the naturally lush islands chicken coop, Cluckingham palace, where the happy free range hens forage and play with their duck friends.

Amilla’s Executive Chef, Kaviraj Doolum, commented “it is truly a joy to work with food that comes from people who are passionate about their land and caring of their flock, you can taste the difference in the end product. I am also blessed to have access to vegetables and eggs with zero air miles, direct from the resorts gardens”.

Visit Amilla this Summer to try out their Ethical Burger as well as all the other activities including snorkelling with Manta Rays at Hanifaru Bay. Contact for more details.