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JA Manafaru – A Culinary Jewel in the Maldivian Crown

Situated in the pristine lagoon-ringed Haa Alifu Atoll at the northern tip, JA Manafaru Maldives was recently honoured with the title of “Best Culinary Resort” at the TTM Awards & Gala 2023, a testament to the culinary excellence curated by the island’s kitchen team, led by the acclaimed Maldivian Executive Chef Moosa Nazeeh.

Embarking on a culinary odyssey, JA Manafaru stands as a haven where gastronomy takes centre stage amidst the backdrop of one of the Maldives’ most exceptional wine cellars. The commitment to culinary excellence intertwines cherished traditions with contemporary international flair, creating a harmonious haven for epicurean delights.


Recognising the pivotal role exceptional dining plays in fulfilling a dream holiday, the island team ensures a diverse array of food and beverage offerings, paying homage to Maldivian flavours with influences from Arabic, Indian, and African cuisines. Guests can relish everything from classic comfort food to Asian delicacies, Italian regional specialities, locally caught seafood, and wellness meals.

Catering to various dietary preferences, the ‘Wellness Your Way’ menu also promotes vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb options across all restaurants.

White Orchid Lounge

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This tranquil space is ideal for relaxing afternoons with Afternoon Tea and transitions seamlessly into the perfect spot for watching the sunset. Offering a selection of street food and easy-to-enjoy dishes, it transforms into a late bar under the stars, where guests can unwind to the soothing sounds of waves beneath.

Ocean Grill

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Showcasing a variety of local and Indian Ocean seafood cooked in the centre’s show kitchen, Ocean Grill provides a diverse menu featuring great steaks, fresh fish, and lobsters caught within the atoll. Some dishes may have supplements.


Offering ocean views from the deck or terrace, Kakuni is an all-day dining venue that serves a range of global cuisines, including traditional Maldivian dishes. Located conveniently near the Guest Experience Pavilion, watersports centre, and spa, it’s an ideal gathering spot for loved ones. Additional charges may apply for certain dishes.

Infinity Pool & Bar

This open space caters to sun worshippers, alternating between the Indian Ocean and the beautiful Infinity Pool. Providing light poolside beverages throughout the day, it remains open until sunset. While not a designated restaurant, a light Picnic Hamper can be arranged for those who prefer to stay by the pool.

Andiamo Bistro and Pool

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A Mediterranean-inspired bistro nestled in a lush oasis around the resort’s main swimming pool, Andiamo is open for lunch and afternoon dining until early evening. It caters to couples and families and is ideal for all-day dining and evening supper.

The Cellar

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Offering the perfect ‘Dining by Design’ experience, The Cellar is the Maldives’ first and deepest underground wine cave. Open by prior arrangement for special occasions, paired wine dining, or wine tastings.

Chef Nazeeh & Team

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