NewsJuly 10, 2024

July Kicks Off with Surge in Maldives Tourism

The latest data from the Ministry of Tourism reveals a substantial increase in tourist arrivals to the Maldives in early July 2024. From July 1st to July 7th, a total of 34,921 tourists arrived in the Maldives, marking a notable rise in the number of visitors.

The cumulative tourist arrivals for the year as of July 7th reached 1,050,450. This growth is seen as a positive indicator of the Maldives’ recovering tourism sector and its ongoing appeal as a premier travel destination.


The Ministry’s report highlights that the country has successfully navigated the challenges posed by global economic conditions, showing resilience and an upward trajectory in attracting tourists. The Maldives’ tourism sector, a significant contributor to the national GDP, currently stands at USD 6.5 billion and is poised for further growth.

The increase in arrivals is accompanied by a rise in the operational capacity of tourist accommodations. As of July 7th, 2024, the Maldives has 1,210 operational tourist facilities, comprising 182 resorts, 14 hotels, 864 guesthouses, and 150 safari vessels. These facilities collectively offer a total of 63,684 beds, with resorts contributing the largest share of bed capacity at 69%.

The report also provided insights into the performance of various markets. China remains the top source market, contributing 12.2% of total arrivals, followed by Russia at 10.4% and the United Kingdom at 9.1%. Other significant contributors include Italy, Germany, and India.

The Maldives continues to invest in and promote its tourism sector, with ongoing efforts to diversify and enhance the visitor experience. The positive growth in tourist arrivals is expected to contribute significantly to the nation’s economy, supporting job creation and business development within the tourism industry.

As the Maldives enjoys an increase in tourist arrivals this July, the country reaffirms its status as a top travel destination. With continued efforts to improve and expand its tourism offerings, the Maldives is well-positioned to achieve further growth and economic stability.

Feature photo: Diamonds Thudufushi