UncategorizedSeptember 1, 2018

Kandima Maldives sponsors contemporary exhibition by Maldivian Artist Community

Kandima Maldives has become the main sponsor of the contemporary art exhibition ‘Unveiling Visions’, which will be held at the National Art Gallery and hosted by the Maldivian Artist Community (MAC) between September 3-7, 2018 in the city of Malé. The exhibition will feature works by 50 Maldivian artists of ages 18-35; under 6 main categories – painting, drawing, calligraphy art, 3d installation, digital installation and sculpture. Launched in 2017, ‘Unveiling Visions’ will offer live art sessions, workshops, artist talks and fun-filled events for children.

Kandima Maldives will invite the top 15 artists to participate in its annual KULA Art Festival to be held on 28 th December 2018. The festival is a perfect marketing platform for showcasing the Maldivian talent to the international audience and will be held for the second time since the resort opening in 2017. All of the inspiring art pieces created during the event will be available for purchase at the in-house KULA Art Studio at Kandima Maldives.

Following the art exhibition and the KULA Art Festival, many young artists will be inspired to develop their artistic skills and embark on the art career both in Maldives and worldwide.

The KULA art initiative was launched on the 5 th of October 2017, with a vision to promote and nurture local artistic talent and creativity and essentially open up new horizons for the local art community in the Maldives. With its key component, The KULA Art Festival is the first of its kind annual event to be ever hosted in any resort in the island nation at such a large scale, turning the entire resort into the trendiest, most happening art centre in the Indian Ocean. Every year Kandima Maldives invites over 20 local artists specializing in various mediums including digital, coffee, acrylic, henna, spray paint and local crafts, to unleash their inner Picasso!

KULA means ‘colours’ in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language. Kandima Maldives is hosting host regular exhibitions and exciting art performances by local artists in the in-house Aroma Art Studio, which is set on the edge of a natural lake inside the island. The venue gives both guests and artists the inspiration and calm space they need to create their masterpieces.

Kandima Maldives donates 1 US$ from each room night to its non-profit KULA Art Fund, which main goal is to promote, support and create more opportunities for local artists in the island nation.

Mohamed Shafraz Hafiz, Deputy Director Digital Marketing & Social Media of Kandima Maldives and leading the Kula initiative says: “We want to create extraordinary and innovative experiences for our guests which in turn will positively impact our local communities. This seems like the perfect match. There are hundreds of talented artists that come from the local Maldivian islands, but their work is not seen or appreciated because they do not have a platform to showcase their talent across. Thus, it is our vision to change that. We want KULA initiative to promote and nurture local artistic talent and essentially open up new horizons for the local art community like never before.”