NewsFebruary 5, 2024

Key Developments in Maldives Tourism

Maldives is set to embark on a transformative journey with a series of ambitious initiatives aimed at enhancing tourism services and strengthening revenue channels.

Resort Developments

This year, Maldives is poised to unveil a remarkable 20 new resorts, accompanied by the addition of 2,857 beds. Building on the success of the eight resorts opened last year, an additional 150 are currently under construction, showcasing a dedicated effort to meet the growing demands of the thriving tourism industry.


The archipelago nation, already home to 175 resorts boasting 42,000 beds, is aiming to utilise a staggering 61,000 beds. Notably, 70% of these accommodations are situated in high-end establishments.

Policy Expedition and Revamp

Collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Finance, IRA, and Economic Council are underway to formulate policies expediting 63 tourism development projects. This joint endeavour ensures the timely completion and market introduction of these projects within the next week.

In addition, plans are in motion for a comprehensive policy revamping lease agreements and investments. This initiative is designed to streamline the development and completion of tourism facilities, ensuring a more efficient and transparent process.

Asseyri Tourism

An ambitious project, the “Asseyri Tourism” initiative in Addu City aims to diversify and expand the tourism sector. This project includes the establishment of a seaplane hub in Addu City, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable tourism growth.

Airport Developments

In a bid to enhance connectivity, the government has also announced the development of two new airports, further facilitating the ease of travel for tourists and boosting the overall tourism infrastructure.

2 Million Tourist Arrivals

In a groundbreaking prediction, it is forecasted that Maldives is poised to attract two million tourist arrivals this year. If realised, this would mark a historic milestone in the country’s tourism industry, reflecting the success of these comprehensive initiatives.

Recognising the need for proactive solutions, Maldives has initiated efforts to identify and overcome obstacles hindering the development of islands, land plots, and lagoons leased for tourism. This strategic approach seeks to address various reasons causing delays and explore viable solutions for sustained growth in the sector.