NewsOctober 23, 2019

Kudadoo in support of Manta Trust & Olive Ridley Project

Kudadoo’s sustainability efforts – the highlight of which are solar panels on the roof of The Retreat that power the private island in its entirety – also comprise of extensive ocean conservation endeavors. In partnership with Prodivers Maldives, the Manta Trust, and Olive Ridley Project, vast efforts are put into protecting the fragile marine environment.


Under the auspices of the Marine Biology Centre located at Hurawalhi, Kudadoo’s sister property and neighboring island, two resident marine biologists and Manta Trust researchers share their knowledge and answer all Kudadoo residents’ questions about the underwater world and explain more about current conservation projects. As regional project managers for Manta Trust’s Maldivian Manta Ray Project, the marine biologists can take you on private manta ray search excursions and provide precious insights into the Maldives’ enormous manta ray population; in Lhaviyani Atoll alone 380 individual manta rays have been identified so far! Currently, there is also a coral restoration project running at Hurawalhi, which your butler can also arrange for you to visit if you wish to gain an even deeper understanding of the archipelago’s reefs and our efforts to conserve them.

Working closely together with a sea turtle protection and research program, Olive Ridley Project, by staying at Kudadoo you also have a unique opportunity to swim with and to learn more about the Maldives’ sea turtle population. Over 400 sea turtles have been identified in our atoll, and the majority of them can be found at the renowned hot spot, Kuredu, a short boat ride away from Kudadoo. As with manta rays, you are encouraged to contribute to research by participating in citizen science, ie. contributing photographs in order for the turtle biologist to try to identify the individuals and help develop what is one of the world’s largest turtle photo ID databases, maintained in order to better understand and thereby help these endangered marine reptiles. Olive Ridley Project and Prodivers teams have also been instrumental in removing ghost nets from the surrounding waters and saving many turtles and other marine life by doing so.