NewsApril 24, 2019

Kula Art Festival at Kandima

The KULA art initiative at Kandima originally piloted on the 5th of October 2017 and has been running as a first of its kind annual event. In the event, 20 local artists gather and share their different forms of artistic capabilities. While some go for the digital artistic look, others prefer coffee, acrylic or spray paint. But don’t forget, there’s also henna painting as well as local crafts.

KULA Arts Festival doesn’t end here yet, there’s also a series of fun beach games for all ages to enjoy. With different art activities as well as something delicious to eat. The magnificent representation is brilliant in its display of a carnival theme. With live art demonstrations, there are also art classes for guests with a fun color run at the end. The powdered colorful path of various colors such as blue, green, pink, orange, yellow and purple make for a beautiful finishing line.


At the very front of the KULA Art initiative is the resident artist and extraordinaire Aima Musthafa. With a knack for the arts and design and a professional background in illustration and videography, Kandima Maldives believes that her bubbly nature and infectious smile would be perfect for their art studio which overlooks a beautiful natural lake. Therefore, a visit to the Kandima Art Studio is sure to be a fun and colorful time for everyone.