NewsJuly 8, 2023

Kurumba Maldives Celebrates World Chocolate Day with Decadent Delights

Kurumba Maldives, the award-winning resort in the Maldives, celebrated World Chocolate Day on July 7th with a decadent 4-course chocolate-infused menu. The menu featured a range of delectable dishes, carefully crafted to infuse the rich flavours of chocolate into every course.

The meal began with poached salmon with a chocolate polenta followed by a white asparagus cappuccino soup topped with coconut foam and cocoa powder. For the main course, guests were treated to a succulent lamb rump paired with a refreshing mint custard, crispy potato, and a tantalizing bitter chocolate sauce. The meal was rounded out with their signature Kurumba chocolate fondue with strawberries, homemade marshmallows and toasted almond pavlova.


The chocolate menu was created by Kurumba’s Chef De Cuisine, Faisal. Speaking about the menu, Chef Faisal shared his passion for chocolate, saying, “Chocolate is edible pure joy that’s enjoyed by every age. Celebrating World Chocolate Day is wonderful, creating everlasting memories here at Kurumba Maldives.”

For those seeking an exceptional getaway that celebrates the finest pleasures in life, Kurumba Maldives remains an idyllic destination where luxury and gastronomic delights converge. Whether it’s World Chocolate Day or any other occasion, this remarkable resort promises an enchanting escape for all who visit.