NewsMarch 2, 2020

Kurumba Maldives Hosts CSR Event With Mianz International College Students’

Kurumba Maldives held a CSR event with 15 students and 3 lecturers from Mianz International college.

The students were part of Bachelors of Business Administration. As part of the Event Management Module, they were keen to learn more about event organizing etc.


The field-trip included a show around of the island along with Q&A with F&B and HR.

Event manager Ms. Suzy and HR team conducted a Q&A session with the students at the VIP Lounge, providing valuable information.

The aims and objectives of their trip:

By coordinating the field trip, the students was able to identify identify,

  • The experiential information about the social and corporate events.
  • The line of products and services that the resort offers to the event holders.
  • The first-hand information about the meetings, conferences and Social Events.
  • Discern the meaning of various terminologies used for events.
  • The role of various departments in executing the events smoothly.