NewsJune 13, 2023

Lily Beach Resort & Spa’s June Festivity Focused on Environment, Wellness and Oceans

Lily Beach Resort & Spa goes ‘all-in’ to celebrate Global Wellness Day, World Oceans Day, and World Environment Day this June by inviting the school children of neighbouring island’s A. Dh. Kumburudhoo School to engage, learn, and partake in the resort’s programmes.

Kicking the week off, Lily Beach’s enthusiastic team celebrated World Environment Day by organising an island-wide clean-up and tree planting, aiming to enhance the island’s greenery and overall health.


Following this, in perfect alignment with the core principles that have defined the essence of the resort from its very inception, the management sought to commemorate these days by fostering awareness and nurturing an experience that would leave a lasting impact on both the esteemed guests and dedicated staff.

Commencing World Ocean Day with a resounding and impactful initiative, the resort extended an invitation to all its cherished children and guests, for viewing a captivating movie marathon, which highlighted the significance of nature conservation in all its splendour, proved instrumental in enlightening visitors about the extensive scope of assistance and contributions they could offer as individuals. This immersive experience served as a catalyst, fostering a deep understanding among the audience regarding their ability to make a meaningful impact in safeguarding our precious environment.

Additionally, an enlightening guided walk and tour led by the team of experts of the resort’s ‘back-of-house’ areas took place, during which the inquisitive children posed curious inquiries regarding the intricacies of the sewage water system and the methods employed to treat and repurpose wastewater.

Following this, an immersive art class was conducted and led by the talented in-house artist Sirey. The class aimed to inspire children by harnessing the wonders of nature as a wellspring of artistic inspiration, encouraging them to unleash their creative potential and craft profound masterpieces that embodied their unique imaginative capacities. In addition to that, guests were gifted reusable water tumblers to drift from single-use plastic.

Moreover, the day overflowed with an array of engaging activities. Certified divers enthusiastically participated in a dedicated Reef Cleaning session, dedicated to the meticulous preservation of the reef ecosystem. Simultaneously, avid snorkellers and beginners alike eagerly joined forces in a Lagoon clean-up initiative, driven by their collective desire to make a tangible contribution towards the conservation of this breathtaking environment. And the resort itself was pampered in a clean-up led by the enthusiastic team at Lily Beach.

And finally on 10th June, the resort marked Global Wellness Day by inviting all guests to join in on the morning yoga class to awaken the body and mind, followed by Detox drinks and healthy snacks served afterwards. The resort also incorporated a fun kayak race for guests in the afternoon which was met with a lot of enthusiasm from participants.

The day continued with children’s yoga, a special healthy cooking class for guests and many more health and wellness-infused activities for in-house guests. Additionally, the resort announced a special collaboration with the local homegrown brand of the tasty Kombucha, Saibew, to be available at the resort for all. The resort will be including this drink in its already generous Platinum Plan, to be available throughout the year.

General Manager Laurent Driole stated: “We firmly believe in the potential of the new generations to safeguard our ocean ecosystems. Every one of us can make a difference, even throughout the smallest of daily actions.”

Set amidst the azure waters of a pristine Maldivian paradise, Lily Beach Resort & Spa stands as an epitome of unrivalled luxury and natural splendour. This popular all-inclusive resort beckons discerning travellers to immerse themselves in a world where opulence harmoniously intertwines with the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding tropical landscape. With these activities, the resort renews its commitment to Sustainability and Good governance as the current steward of the island of Huvahendhoo. Not only that, but the resort also made the experiences a fun time for all guests, whereby they had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities such as reef cleaning and lagoon clean-ups, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment in safeguarding precious natural resources.

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