NewsJune 19, 2021

Lily Beach & Tamara Spa by Mandara Host an Unforgettable Global Wellness Day Together

Waves rhythmically ebbing and flowing against the shore. A bird chirping softly from a palm tree. The colours, sounds, and breeze on the tropical island help ground you– Island life at Lily Beach provides the perfect setting for a moment of meditation and relaxation.

June 12 was Global Wellness Day, a dedicated day meant to highlight wellness as a sustainable lifestyle. A slightly broad concept, Global Wellness Day (GWD) defines ‘wellness’ as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. This desire to improve ourselves is a shared lived experience among all humans and directly affects our quality of life, the organisation states.


As wellness is a personal development, GWD is all about slowly changing habits one at a time to make an overall healthier life. Several activities are highlighted to cover different aspects of life, like walking for an hour, drinking more water, avoiding plastic water bottles, doing a good deed for someone, sharing a dinner with a loved one, and going to sleep early.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa understands the importance of a balanced, positive, and proactive lifestyle, and wanted to especially celebrate Global Wellness Day and share it with others. To spread awareness and encourage others to highlight the date on their calendars, Lily Beach hosted a social media countdown the week before Global Wellness Day. Each day came accompanied with a new post that highlighted a unique wellness aspect of the resort: mindfulness, healthy eating, relaxation, adventure, and activities.

On June 12, Lily Beach partnered up with Tamara Spa by Mandara to offer a special wellness program for its guests– a day of activities to promote a healthier life for better physical and mental wellbeing. The event started with sunrise yoga, led by expert yoga instructor Maja. Afterward, healthy drinks and snacks were shared, which included homemade granola, coconut slices, fruit skewers, and freshly squeezed juices. During this time, a photo frame and pink handheld “I Say Yes!” signs (the trademark of Global Wellness Day) were available for pictures. Later in the afternoon, Tamara Spa hosted head, neck, shoulder, and foot massage classes, followed by a Bazaar to showcase new promotions and merchandise. During this time, ginger tea and pink lemonade were enjoyed by all. The GWD programme came to a close at sunset with a session of yin yoga on the beach.

Though the day’s activities came to an end, wellness activities at Lily Beach did not. Wellness is something that happens year-round, not just on holidays. Tamara Spa and the yoga instructor are available for bookings; activities can be found at each area of the island; luxurious healthy food options are fresh and waiting to be devoured; and adventure is there for those that seek it.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa is a luxury 5-star resort set in the natural beauty of the Maldives. Located on Huvahendhoo Island in the South Ari Atoll, Lily Beach is a short 25-minute flight by seaplane from the capital Malé and Velana International Airport. This proximity, as well as the reputation of its legendary all-inclusive plan, make it a sought-after destination. An encompassing Platinum plan, diverse and healthy food options, a variety of leisure and sporting activities, and world-class yoga and spa availabilities create the perfect resort for couples and families alike to “say yes” to wellness. “One day can change your whole life,” and this is especially true at Lily Beach Resort & Spa.