NewsOctober 13, 2020

Live, Work And Thrive With Banyan Tree Group’s Habitat – A New Extended Stay Product Across Multiple Destinations

“We all have certain habitat needs for the conditions where we can thrive.” With the rise of remote working and post-COVID changes in consumer travel patterns, Banyan Tree Group announces the launch of Habitatoffering a new way of living, working and travelling in one. Habitat enables guests to enjoy long-term stays at properties in more than 30 destinations around the globe under Banyan Tree Group’s house of brands: Banyan Tree, Angsana and Cassia. With greater flexibility and the possibility of experiencing multiple destinations with a single pass, Habitat inspires a different travel journey, meeting consumers’ evolving travel needs in the new normal.

Habitat caters to seasonal travelers in search of picturesque destinations, families yearning for a long-overdue vacation, or combining it all – remote workers keen to experience the freedom of working and exploring the world at the same time.


With a Habitat Pass, guests can book their stays in ‘units’ of 7 nights, with the choice to hop from one property to another within the same brands in different locations. In addition, savings increase up to 60% with each additional unit purchased, where each unit can be redeemed at a different property during the period of their stay. Each pass is valid for 12 months and guests may book up to 4 units per brand, ranging from 7 to 28 nights’ stay, with the flexibility to redeem each unit at a different time.

As part of the Habitat offering, travelers are given credits of up to USD 700 based on the number of units purchased, which can be used across multiple inclusions, such as F&B, spa, wellness activities, and airport transfers. Other inclusions catering to extended stay traveler needs are of course, free breakfast, Wi-Fi for business needs and 24-hour fitness centres in most properties to help guests maintain fitness routines while travelling. New exciting features and inclusions will be rolled out based on evolving guest needs as we invite travelers to share their travel wish lists and help us create their perfect habitat.

With domestic tourism fueling a significant recovery, domestic travelers have the opportunity to discover hidden cultural gems within their country, with a choice of 9 Banyan Tree Hotels in China and 4 in Thailand. When international travel re-opens, guests may travel to properties across China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam.

With a combination of comfort, connectivity, and security whilst working remotely at secluded resorts, either in nature havens or in the city, Habitat aims to redefine travel, offering a new way of living, working and travelling.

Ms Rosalynn Tay, Senior Vice President, Commercial at Banyan Tree Group says: “We are delighted to launch Habitat, a brand new way of extended stay, across the Banyan Tree Group of hotels, around the world. We recognize that travelling needs have changed; Habitat provides our guests with the flexibility across our different brands, stay periods and amenities. Our properties are natural sanctuaries, always safe and staying relevant. I believe that many different travelers, international and domestic, will find a suitable Habitat in our family of brands.”

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