NewsAugust 17, 2020

lti Maafushivaru, Maldives Introduces Complimentary PCR Testing

Maldivian luxury resort lti Maafushivaru has introduced PCR testing on the island eliminating the need for guests to travel out of the island to a testing facility.

Should a guest be required to present a negative test result upon their departure, the resort will be offering these on a complimentary basis for all in-house guests. This offer is currently available for all guests arriving before the 15 December 2020.


The continued health and safety of guests, employees and business partners has been a high priority for the management of lti Maafushivaru. The resort has implemented enhanced health and safety guidelines to combat the challenges bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These enhanced guidelines have been implemented strictly throughout the resort in addition to the resorts current existing extensive cleaning protocols. The resort is following an extensive guide of protocols set by the lti brand as well as government recommended protocols to ensure compliance with the Maldives Safe Tourism regulations.

Highlights of the newly implemented protocols include:
– Introduction of a healthcare management team within the resort and thorough hygiene protocols and checks of the resort premises including a routine disinfection process of all resort premises and use of PPE.
– Social distancing protocols are encouraged by all team members and guests.
– Implementation of contactless techniques throughout the resort operation including check ins and check outs.
– Hand sanitizer deployers have been placed all around the resort and face masks to be available for guests and team members.
– New and enhanced food and beverage production and service standards.
– Educational seminars held for all team members to increase their awareness of COVID-19 and best practices

The resort welcomed their first visitors on 16 August 2020 after coming out of a year long renovation. Having joined Europe’s DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts, lti brand, Maafushivaru is the first long-haul lti hotel to launch in 16 years and will do so across Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. Previously owned and managed by Universal Resorts, Maafushivaru, Maldives is now owned and managed by Paradise Resorts Development and Management.

lti Maafushivaru aims to create safe havens for guests to enjoy their Maldives getaway experience and reassure guests with their new hygiene and safety guidelines.

Take advantage of their current offer with complimentary room upgrades for minimum stays of 5 nights.

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