NewsSeptember 22, 2019

LUX*Resorts, Afeef Hussain speaks at the Chicago Service Symposium

Afeef Hussain, the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality at LUX* Resorts and Hotels has spoken at the Chicago Service Symposium at The Westin Chicago River North.

Chicago Services Symposium featured business executives involved in functions of services, customer experience, customer management, customer support, and service. It was an opportunity to learn from thought leaders, network with peers and collaborate to address business problems and opportunities in a workshop environment.


Mr. Afeef stated “It was wonderful to speak and share my passion for creating high-performance cultures at the Chicago Service Symposium and Council 2019. This is an event where the great powers of service from Black Stones, Chase, Southwest Airlines, HSBC, Ford, ADP, Deloitte. Marriott, JP Morgan comes to share their service culture challenges, solutions and a great way to learn from best of the best. I shared ideas on how to sustain a high performing culture.”

Afeef has been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. Experienced in the areas of HR strategy, customer experience, quality management, talent, performance management, and learning and development. The different areas covered in his training programs include Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Leadership Programs and series from John Maxwell Books, Up Your Service Superior Service Culture Series and many more.