NewsDecember 22, 2022

Making Meaningful Moments in Time at Grand Park Kodhipparu

Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives believes in the positive influence they can have. Not merely for guests and their experiences but for the destination and the world. Travel creates empathy and understanding, and can inspire and educate, which are fundamental improvements the world needs right now. One morning spent snorkelling, contributing to coral preservation work and understanding the marine life surrounding the island with the resident marine biologist can completely open your eyes to how precious yet vulnerable this planet is—strongly recommended for the young explorers as well! 

Master Class Series with Local Schools

Travel has always helped fund local economies, and in recent years, in particular, become increasingly adept at preserving the culture and supporting the local communities, consciously engaging in regenerative measures. By supporting Green Globe-certified carbon offset standards; every month the resort works with the energy auditors and engineers to calculate solar energy generation, consequential reduction of fuel consumption, the efficacy of the water management operations as well as responsible methods of waste management. All this information is readily available and easily accessible to all their guests in real-time so that they can rest assured their holiday here could be more sustainable with every passing hour.

Real-Time Energy Conservation Data Available to Guests

The recycling efforts go beyond the ordinary as Grand Park Kodhipparu endeavours to take every possible opportunity to be cyclical, be it table decor, Christmas ornaments, or sustainable toys, every small step taken must be meaningful, no matter how big or small. As the world becomes increasingly educated on the impact of human actions it is both the responsibility and focus to develop operational and guest initiatives to ensure that we move to a future that is beyond sustainable. Building respect for the eco-system, and creating the human-to-human and human-to-nature connection with every holiday experience is what the entire belief system is based on and the resort also invites you to spend more time talking to the “Green Team” on the island when you visit.

Herb Garden and Organic Plantation Efforts