NewsOctober 24, 2018

Malaysian Actress Neelofa Stayed at the Luxurious Undersea Villa in the Maldives

Neelofa is a Malaysian Actress, TV host, entrepreneur, and a business mogul who runs a multi-million hijab business that has expanded to 38 countries. Quite a great feat for someone who’s only 29 years of age.

With her rate of success, it’s no wonder that she’s able to afford all her luxury holiday trips, including her latest one to the land of azure blue waters, the Maldives. She was privileged enough to stay at the Muraka, a coveted residence by Conrad Maldives Rangali Island suspended below sea level, encased in glassy tunnels, surrounded by marine life.


Neelofa shared pictures and clips of her experience at the vacation spot, but what got her followers envious the most is that she got to spend the night in the world’s 1st undersea residence, The Muraka. This underwater villa comes with a 24/7 butler service and a personal boat to transport you anywhere on the island.

It was reported that the underwater villa costs a whopping USD50,000 per night excluding taxes. This villa is not opened to the public yet, but she’s reportedly the third person in the world to be able to experience it. The Muraka is slated to launch in November 2018.