NewsDecember 25, 2023

Maldives Announces Strategic Job Reservations to Boost Local Employment in Key Tourism Sectors

The government has unveiled plans to reserve jobs in sectors aligned with the youth’s talents and interests exclusively for Maldivian citizens. 

The announcement was made during a press conference at the President’s Office, where Principal Secretary to the President on Public Policy, Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim, highlighted the decision’s genesis following thorough discussions on a proposal submitted by the Higher Education Ministry.


The job categories earmarked for exclusive opportunities for Maldivians include a range of roles vital to the tourism industry. These roles include guest relations officers, tour guides, divers, photographers, housekeeping managers, human resources managers and front office managers.

A crucial aspect of this initiative is its impact on sectors heavily populated by expatriate workers. This aims to create a more balanced employment landscape, fostering economic growth and ensuring that opportunities align with the aspirations and capabilities of the Maldivian youth.

Feature photo: Unsplash