NewsJune 21, 2020

Maldives Declared Low Risk of Infection by UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities have said that their citizens and residents will be allowed to travel to countries deemed low-risk for contracting the coronavirus from 23rd June. Among those is Maldives.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE, international travel will initially be allowed to 56 countries categorized into two groups, “A” and “B”, based on the risk of infection.


“Group A includes countries with a low risk of infection and with no restriction for travel, while group B includes jurisdictions with a medium risk of infection where travel is allowed only for certain categories of individuals,” the statement read. “No travel is allowed to countries outside of the approved list, unless otherwise approved by the relevant authorities. The list will be revised on a weekly basis.”

Group A

Australia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, South Korea, Austria, Fiji, Luxembourg, Seychelles, Bahamas, Finland, Malaysia, Slovakia, Bahrain, Georgia, Maldives, Sweden, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hong Kong, Malta, Switzerland, Brunei, Hungary, Mauritius, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Iceland, Montenegro, Thailand, China, Ireland, New Zealand, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Japan, Norway, Croatia, Jordan, Singapore, Cyprus, Latvia and Romania.

Group B

Belgium, France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Canada, Germany, Oman, Tanzania, Denmark, Kuwait, Poland, Estonia, Morocco and Portugal.

Both foreign nationals and UAE citizens will be allowed to travel to countries from group A without any restrictions.

However, travel to countries in group B will be limited to the following categories:

– UAE nationals travelling for medical treatment at the expense of the UAE government, after obtaining permission from the relevant authority of the destination country.
– Travelers departing for medical treatment at their own expense, after providing a certified medical certificate.
– Members of diplomatic missions, if urgently required.
– Travelers departing for an emergency, including deaths and births, if urgently required.
– Travelers attending conferences, courses, short training or humanitarian missions if urgently required and after providing appropriate justification.
– Military personnel, if urgently required.
– Travel for business, tourism and study is not allowed to countries in group B. Individuals above 70 and those who suffer from chronic diseases are not allowed to travel regardless of the destination, the statement added.

Maldives was excluded from the international risk areas (with SARS-CoV-2) by the Federal Government of Germany as well.