NewsMarch 25, 2019

Maldives Eco-Resort of the Year – Six Senses Laamu

The leading Eco-Resort title was taken by Six Senses Laamu at the Maldives Travel Awards 2018. The award was presented to Six Senses Laamu by the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) The resort operations include a corporate sustainability guideline which targets to optimize energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, limit chemical usage, increase garden and food production, source locally, recycle materials, treat people equitably, give back to local communities and protect the ecosystems. Guest awareness into being environmentally conscious is given importance by Six Senses Laamu, both on vacation and when they depart to home. “Being named Maldives’ Leading Eco-Resort is an amazing achievement, but sustainability is always a work in progress,” Mr. Marteyne van Well, general manager, said of the award. “We are constantly learning from our peers and improving service in order to stay competitive and we readily share our knowledge with others so that they too can create a positive impact with their business.” Highlights of sustainability measurements taken by Six Sense Laamu, 2018
  1. Water – Low-flow fixtures installed on taps and showers helped to reduce water consumption by 25 percent and 227,780 ft3 (6,450 m3) of grey water was recycled for landscaping
  2. Waste – Bottled their own desalinated water in reusable glass bottles, avoiding 226,600 single-use plastic bottles in 2019.
  3. Plastic Free – 21 schools and pre-schools in Laamu Atoll were donated reverse osmosis water filters, as well as 30 households in L.Maamendhoo. 3,949 students and families now have access to safe, reliable drinking water and will avoid bringing more than 1,360,000 single-use plastic water bottles to school each year.
  4. Composting – A wood chipper machine is used to combine food waste and organic waste from landscaping to be composted into organic soil for the gardens. The resort produced 22,597 pounds (10,250 kilograms) of compost in 2018.
  5. Leaf Garden – Production of 16, 424 pounds of more than 30 different varieties of organic herbs, salad leaves, microgreens and sprouts for kitchens and bars. Further 20 kinds of chilies and two varieties of mushroom.
  6. Kukulhu Village – Growth of a chicken farm which produced a total of 1,750 organic eggs in their first eight months on the island.
  7. Sustainability Fund – Point five of one percent of total resort revenues, 50 percent of water sales, and 100 percent of soft toy sales are allocated towards local projects that benefit the surrounding environment or communities. Additionally spent USD 204, 556 in 2018 on research and conservation, education and outreach, and community development in Laamu Atoll.