NewsJune 4, 2020

Maldives Explores Regional Airports For Private Jet Landings

On efforts to welcome private jets to Maldivian shores, the government is exploring the possibility of private jet landings at more regional airports in the country.

Speaking at a parliamentary committee, State Minister for transport and civil aviation Ahmed Zuhair said that the government is seeking to give permission to about 3 airports for private jets operations, depending on their ability to cater.


The draft of the safe tourism guidelines suggested that the initial opening of borders will be through private jets and charters instead of scheduled passenger flights at first.

Zuhair further highlighted that the authorities are receiving queries about the permission of international flights to the country.

“Since situation has affected worldwide, the number of airlines that actually begin operating flights to the Maldives will depend on the rate at which other countries reopen their borders,” Zuhair said. “We are hoping to have a better grasp of the timeline for air traffic in the next two to three weeks.”

Meanwhile Velana International Airport is geared up for the “new normal” and ready to welcome private jets and tourists to the country.