NewsMarch 7, 2024

Maldives Highlights Destination Brand Strength and Sustainability Efforts at ITB Berlin 2024 Maldives Media Meet

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/ Visit Maldives) has concluded the exclusive ‘Maldives Media Meet’ press conference held on the sidelines of ITB Berlin 2024 on 05th March 2024 at Hybrid Studio, Hall 5.3, Messe Berlin. The event aligns with this year’s ITB Berlin theme ‘Pioneer the Transition in Travel and Tourism’, as it spotlights Maldives’ efforts in pioneering sustainability, positioning our nation as a responsible destination, and fostering collaboration in the global travel industry.

The Maldives Media Meet was led by the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO & MD) of MMPRC, Ms Fathmath Thaufeeq. She was joined by the Chairperson of the MMPRC Board, Ms Ayesha Nurain Janah; Mr Mohamed Khaleel, the President’s Advisor on Tourism Development; Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal; Executive Board Member of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), Ms Visha Mahir; and Vice President of National Hotels & Guesthouse Association of Maldives, Mr Abdul Sameeu Imad. Attendants at the event consisted of representatives from noteworthy travel trade companies, media, and tourism-related organisations.


In her opening remarks at the press conference, Chairperson Ayesha Nurain Janah emphasised MMPRC’s dedication to sustaining the tourism brand, stating, “As we embrace the opportunities within guesthouses, hotels, and safari boats, we must also safeguard our inheritance – the world-class brand created and bequeathed by the pioneers and pillars of Maldives tourism. The foresight and toil of preceding generations of pioneers have catapulted Maldives tourism onto the global stage, and it is our solemn duty to uphold and perpetuate that invaluable legacy”.

Following her remarks, MMPRC CEO & MD Ms Fathmath Thaufeeq reiterated the government’s pledges towards responsible and sustainable tourism development and destination marketing. She stated, “We are working hand-in-hand to introduce initiatives that promote new tourism segments while also ensuring our offerings resonate with diverse traveller profiles, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic tourism landscape.”

The Maldives Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, spoke next, revealing that “Here in the Maldives, we believe that responsible tourism is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we recently launched our groundbreaking eco-tourism framework.“ in his remarks at the conference titled “The Future of Maldivian Tourism: Diversification, Sustainability, and Connection”.

Speaking to the media present at the conference, the President’s Advisor, Khaleel, stated that the government envisions a diversified tourism sector achieved by building direct flight capacity to northern and central regions. Additionally, he noted that the government aims to develop long-term strategies that bridge the gap between the ‘one-island-one-resort’ segment and the local island sector towards a more collaborative and unified tourism experience.

Another key speaker at the press conference, Executive Board Member of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), Ms Visha Mahir, outlined the Maldives Tourism Industry Outlook. “We are very proud of where we are now and what we have achieved in a relatively short period of just 50 years, from our very humble beginnings to the wide range of experiences that the destination has to offer right now. The Maldives remain a top destination for couples and honeymooners, as at least a once-in-a-lifetime experience destination, but as the world gets smaller and more accessible, we are also now welcoming more diverse visitors with our wider range of products/experiences. Nevertheless, as a destination and within the tourism industry, we are fully committed to continued sustainable growth in the industry and continue to remain an aspirational destination for generations to come.”

Additionally, speaking on local community tourism, the Vice President of the National Hotels & Guesthouse Association of Maldives, Mr Abdul Sameeu Imad, stated, “Embarking on a transformative voyage in community tourism over the last decade, we’ve unveiled three hidden gem: Communities, Cultures, and Connections, scattered across 200 enchanting local islands nestled within 26 atolls of the Maldives. This journey reveals a priceless treasure, offering global visitors an unparalleled experience and showcasing the world’s most beautiful smiles from the communities of the Maldives.”

Prior to concluding the press conference, the speakers engaged in a Q&A session with attendees, addressing inquiries and engaging with media and travel professionals.

One of the media representatives present at the Maldives Media Meet, Mr Eike Knall from The Radio Group expressed his appreciation by remarking “A big compliment for your press conference, which was very informative and gave a good outlook on the Maldivian tourism development plans. I was surprised by the number of journalists who attended the press conference yesterday but the Information Actor and the panel was really great.”

Prior to concluding the press, The Maldives Media Meet is an annual press conference conducted at the highly-acclaimed ITB Berlin travel trade fair, aimed at strengthening connections with key media figures from Germany and other international markets. The conference highlights the latest information about the Maldives, the innovative products and services, and the experiences that continue to make the Maldives the World’s Leading Destination. At the conference, the speakers engaged in a Q&A session with attendees, addressing inquiries and engaging with media and travel professionals.