NewsNovember 20, 2019

‘Maldives Kimono’ officially unveiled at the Five Continent Kimono Collection Show

Imagine One World’s Kimono Project has unveiled the ‘Maldives Kimono’ at the Five Continent Kimono Collection Show in Japan.

The Kimono was sponsored by Ms. Akemi Sakai and designed and made by Mr. Sekiya Yukihide.


The ‘Maldivian Kimono’ showcases the national symbols of the country and what the Maldives represents for including the national flower; pink rose, the colors of the Maldivian flag, mesmerizing images of the sea world and the lacquer work which is the most distinctive forms of handicraft.

The “Imagine One World Kimono Project” is a Japan-headquartered endeavor sharing the beauty of the traditional hand-made Japanese kimono. Unique garments for each of 206 countries are created to unite the world in peace and harmony in Tokyo 2020.

The Project intends to make one Kimono and its appropriate fitting, the Obi (sash), for every country in the world, based on its image for the country.