NewsSeptember 7, 2020

Maldives Listed as UK’s most searched Holiday Destinations for 2021

Maldives is the most searched holiday destination among British tourists for 2021, a research conducted by Travel insurance firm “Medical Travel Compared” has revealed.

The research was conducted among UK travellers by analyzing 2020 Google searches to to identify next year’s top holiday destinations of choice among Brits.


According to the research, Maldives was crowned the number one stop of dream holiday destinations among Brits for 2021 following Mexico and Bali. Research was conducted among the different areas in UK and it revealed that Brits from south of UK are more interested to visit Maldives than other parts. For those in the north of the UK and Northern Ireland prefer Mexico as their most preferred holiday destination.

UK is among the top 10 markets for Maldives tourism industry.