NewsJune 23, 2019

Maldives needs to be ‘China Ready’ – Dr. Marcus Lee

The Maldives needs to be ‘China Ready’, said Dr, Marcus Lee, Chairman of the Association of SME Business Owners at the TTM Travel Summit while giving a speech on maximizing  China market through technology and big data.

During the Summit, he spoke about the ever-growing and changing Chinese market and gave helpful suggestions on which areas the Maldives has to improve to tackle the depreciation that has occurred within the market in the past two years, despite China being the leading market to the Maldives. Dr. Marcus Lee explains that the Chinese market is constantly changing and rebranding to target this change is the best way to increase the Chinese tourist arrivals.


He also stated that the current trends show visitors are now looking for more lifestyle holidays than activity-based holidays with healthier life options. Therefore, rebranding Maldives in such a way would be a key element to increase the tourist arrival count to the Maldives efficiently.

He further strongly noted, “intense competition from neighboring countries, not taking the necessary steps to create a branding or setting a new target was part of the reason why the Chinese market is slowly declining.”

TTM Travel Summit was held at Bandos Maldives on 11th June 2019 and had several important speakers give insight on the theme “Travel Tech and Analytics” in their respective fields. The Summit was held as a component of the third edition of the largest Travel and Trade show in Maldives, Travel Trade Maldives (TTM).