NewsJune 28, 2020

Maldives Offers Discounts For International Airlines

Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) is offering attractive discounts to all international airlines operating to Maldives’ main airport, Velana International Airport (VIA).

“As a key contributor to the aviation and tourism industry, MACL’s success has always been focused on its partnerships and therefore the management of Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) has decided to offer incentive support from airport charges to International Airlines operating to the Velana International Airport (VIA),” a statement by the company read.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak Maldives border has been closed from 27 March 2020 but the government of Maldives has now announced that borders will open from 15th July 2020 and hence, MACL will be starting operations on the same date as well.

MACL has offered discounts from ground handling, landing, navigation and parking charges to all the international scheduled airlines.

MACL’s incentive package is divided into 3 slabs which will start from 15 July 2020 and will continue till 26 March 2021 as follows:

– Operation starting period of slab 1, starts between 15th July & 31st August 2020 with a 100% discount. This is applicable from 15th July to 27th October 2020.

– Operation starting period of slab 2, starts between 1st September & 27th October 2020 with a 75% discount. This is applicable from 1st September to 27th October 2020.

– Operation Starting period of slab 3, starts or continues after 28th October 2020 with a 50% discount. This is applicable from 28th October to 26th March 2020.

MACL revealed that these incentives are to ease and assist the resumption of airlines, encouraging them to start its operations to produce a substantial inflow of tourists to boost up Maldives tourism.

Head of MACL management, Mr. Moosa Solih said “Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, the aviation industry is undergoing a massive impact that has crippled air transport activities to a staggering halt. Since air transport is an integral part of the operations and business of VIA, it is crucial to focus on the resumption of flights as soon as possible.”

During the pandemic, MACL has continued to offer extensive support to its partners. MACL has also implemented social distancing measures with clearly visible distance information and floor markings in passenger terminals as a precautionary step for the safety of passengers and staff at Velana International Airport. According to MACL, bright floor markings can now visibly be seen, three feet apart from each other, in places of possible passenger congestion.

Guidelines for International Airlines

The Maldives Civil Aviation Authority has also revealed mandatory guidelines for airlines to follow when borders reopen in July. The circular by the authority reads that an online health declaration form must be filled out travelers that arrive to the nation 24-hours before their arrival.

Travelers must also wear masks which is subject to exceptions. Health circumstances, children below the age of six, and in-flight dining, as well as specific instructions by flight crews permitting the removal of the mask, are exceptions to the mask rule.

The circular also stated that travelers have to inform the immigration authorities if any symptoms of COVID-19 are identified. If the passenger is an outbound traveler, any health requirements issued by the country of travel must also be completed. Symptomatic individuals must also inform the HPA before they depart from the country.